Cognitive Task Analysis Institute

The CTA Institute is your premier source for training in Cognitive Task Analysis – methods that describe cognitive performance in context. CTA methods:

  • inform training that accelerates expertise,
  • drive the design of technologies that support work in complex environments,
  • reveal insights that shape theoretical models of decision making in the wild.

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Who Should Learn CTA and Why?

Students and professionals working in areas such as…

  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Usability and design
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Organizational learning
  • Expertise management
  • Systems engineering
  • Training development
  • R&D and innovation centers
  • Safety and resilience
  • Instructional systems design
  • Continuing Professional Development

… who need to describe cognitive performance in rich detail and context, such as…

  • expert strategies for challenging tasks
  • macrocognition: decision making, sensemaking, and managing uncertainty in complex situations
  • team performance and collaboration.

… and want to accelerate expertise throughout the organization by…

  • creating powerful learning experiences
  • designing & evaluating effective systems
  • defining critical performance requirements


  • Learn from experienced practitioners
  • Interact real-time with instructors and other learners
  • See CTA methods in action
  • Learn on your own, at your own pace
  • Organized resources to guide your learning pathway
  • Engage with the faculty through online discussions
  • Tailored to your organization’s needs and projects
  • Delivered via your preferred medium
  • Bring expertise in-house to grow your own experts

Our Faculty

Laura Militello

Laura is cofounder of Applied Decision Science, LLC and Unveil, LLC. She applies CTA to studies of decision making in healthcare and the military. Her applied research informs technology, training, and user interface design to support decision making under stress. She coauthored Perspectives on Cognitive Task Analysis.


Rob Hutton

Rob has worked in the private sector doing applied research and consultancy for the last 25 years in the US and the UK. He is a director and principal scientist of Trimetis Ltd, a UK-based research and consultancy business, as well as a part-time lecturer at Nottingham Trent University’s psychology department.


Brian Moon

Brian is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Perigean Technologies – a services, training and software company specializing in knowledge elicitation, expertise management, and learning assessment. His publications include Applied Concept Mapping: Capturing, Analyzing, and Organizing Knowledge.


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The Institute

The CTA Institute was established in 2020 to fill a need for advanced training in CTA methods. Our core faculty bring over 70 years of experience of application in CTA in scores of domains.