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Learn at your own pace.

Signing up for the online self-study course provides you with access to a gold mine of CTA resources. In addition, it provides you with access to a Discussion area where you can ask your questions to others taking the self-study approach, see their answers, hear what the CTA experts have to say and engage in active discussion and debate – all from the comfort of your own desk, in your own time.

Cost: $299.00 | Pre-register today to start learning in Autumn 2021!

The self-study option provides learners with the ability to dip in and out of the content at their own pace, as well as including optional activities which will enhance the learning opportunity. The self-study option mirrors the online course with respect to content, but does not provide the same interactive engagement with CTAI faculty. It includes access to additional learning resources.

Modules include narrated lectures, reading materials and activities to reinforce the learning. The self study option also gives you access to the CTA community where you can share your reflections and questions with other learners and with the CTAI faculty (coming soon).

The self-study course curriculum includes:

Module 1: Perspective and Practice

  • An overview of cognitive task analysis, Naturalistic decision making, expertise, and macrocognition

Module 2: Critical Decision Method

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Critical decision method protocols and application tips

Module 3: Applied Cognitive Task Analysis

  • Task Diagram
  • Knowledge Audit
  • Simulation Interview

Module 4: Applied Concept Mapping

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Concept mapping protocols and application tips

Module 5: Observations

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Recommendations and tips

Module 6: Analysis and Representation

  • Notes and coding
  • Decision requirements tables
  • Vignettes, inventories, diagrams

Session 7: Applications

  • Designing for systems, training, organizations
  • Project examples
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