Virtual Shortcourse

Learn through coaching.

This Virtual Shortcourse will take place over a three week session, meeting two times each week for a two-hour session – providing the opportunity to interact real-time with instructors and other Shortcourse participants.

The next Shortcourse is currently under planning. Express your interest in attending and we will keep you posted on developments.

Cost: $2,499.00

This shortcourse includes:

Module 1: Perspective and Practice

  • An overview of cognitive task analysis, Naturalistic decision making, expertise, and macrocognition

Module 2: Critical Decision Method

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Critical decision method protocols and application tips

Module 3: Applied Cognitive Task Analysis

  • Task Diagram
  • Knowledge Audit
  • Simulation Interview

Module 4: Applied Concept Mapping

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Concept mapping protocols and application tips

Module 5: Observations

  • Purposes and benefits
  • Recommendations and tips

Module 6: Analysis and Representation

  • Notes and coding
  • Decision requirements tables
  • Vignettes, inventories, diagrams

Session 7: Applications

  • Designing for systems, training, organizations
  • Project examples
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